Airtel Customer Care Number [Toll-Free] +919893098930

The best way to contact Airtel Customer Care team, according to other Airtel customers, is by calling their +919893098930 Airtel Customer Care Number.Airtel is the most popular Indian global telecommunications services in India. Airtel was launched on July 7, 1995, by Deshdeepak Gautam in India. Airtel has started offering services New Delhi, India. Airtel has about 303.08 million registered users.Airtel has 25,400 employees. Airtel Headquarters is in New Delhi, India. we have mentioned the complete details of Airtel Customer Care toll-free Number e-mail id phone numbers, helpline number, address, and much helpful information. We are providing all the available methods to contact the Airtel Toll-free Helpline or Support Team.

Airtel Customer Service Number



Contact Airtel Broadband Customer Care Number on this telephone number. For more information regarding Telecommunications, please utilize the phone numbers given below for each division.

Airtel Customer Care Phone Numbers

Airtel Mobile All India Appellate Authority List

Airtel Fixedline All India Nodal Officer List

Airtel Fixedline Appellate Authority List(All India)

Airtel All India Broadband Nodal Officer List

Airtel Broadband Appellate Authority List

How To Contact Airtel Customer Care Service

Mobile for queries related to Scheme/Bill Plan/VAS Information etc you can dial our general information number 121 (Chargeable at 50paisa/3 minutes for Agent assistance) or Dial198 (tollfree) for complaints or service requests like Provisioning, Billing & Metering issues, Allocation of Tariff Plan, Account Updation, ISD, STD, Roaming Activation, VAS Deactivation, Service Termination, Security ‘deposit Refund.For activating any Value Added Service, SMS START to 121 or for deactivating any Value Added Service, SMS STOP to 121 in the case calling from any other number, please call us at:

9893012345 for Postpaid
9893098930 for Prepaid

If the resolution provided for the complaint is not satisfactory, then you may choose to file an Appeal with the Appellate Authority either directly to the Appellate Authority through email or facsimile or post or in person, or through the Consumer Care Number of the complaint center.

Points to remember

  • The working hours for Appellate Authority are between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday
  • While raising an appeal to the Appellate Authority, the complaint details (Service Request No) shared by the complaint center should be available.
  • The appeal should be filed within 90 Days of the expiry of the complaint or request resolution time specified by the complaint center.
  • The Appellate Authority will provide a Unique Reference number within 3 days of reporting the issue.

Tree Appellate Authority will revert with resolution within 39 days from the date of filing the appeal

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Airtel Contact Information

  • Live Chat
  • Airtel
  • Bharti Crescent, 1, Nelson Mandela Road, New Delhi, India

Airtel Services

  • Telecommunications


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