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How do you sell a brand new, cut-price airline? In case you’re Virgin America Customer Service 1-650-762-7005 the united states, the brainchild of the British billionaire and provocateur Richard Branson, it is easy: you are taking five of your most glamorous flight attendants and construct a reality display around them. (“fly women,” the docu-drama, debuts in March.) an unstable advertising flow? Possibly. However, you would assume not anything less from the Branson empire.

Sir Richard’s u.S. Offshoot isn’t always just selling cheap tickets; it is promoting an enjoy — and one which few other domestic airlines are seeking to suit. While virgin the united states launched in August 2007, it promised to make “flying properly again,” through the offering, amongst different perks, in-flight live concerts, wi-fi, mp3 players, mood lights, music within the lavatories, or even absinthe at the menu.

Virgin America Customer Service Number

Virgin America Customer Service

But today’s facilities can simplest do so tons. Virgin’s larger promoting point — and its hardest ongoing venture — is the customer service. So far, Virgin is doing something right: in 2009, it ranked first in Zagat’s annual international airline survey of midsize companies and received first-class cabin staff in the north the united states from the arena airline awards. So how does the agency get masses of flight attendants and price tag retailers to keep their cool within the face of unruly passengers, inevitable flight delays, and the normal drudgery of their jobs? Virgin’s solution is twofold: rent people with an impartial streak, after which stress test them with one of the maximum rigorous schooling packages inside the enterprise.

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  • Virgin America Press (Media)  650-762-7187
  • Hearing Impaired ServiceDial 711
  • Virgin America International Number  1-650-762-7005
  • Virgin America Airlines Reservations1-877-FLY-VIRGIN (1-877-359-8474)

The precise lease, as described by the agency’s website, possesses no fewer than 19 qualities: “creative, compassionate, patient, visionary, spontaneous, articulate, an excellent listener, formidable, fun, humble, brave, sympathetic, cool below stress, devoted, curious, passionate, lively, inspiring, and sincere.”

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Locating folks who in shape that description requires more than the same old screening process. Virgin invitations promising applicants to take an online assessment wherein they could, for example, must describe how they’ve handled difficult customers in the beyond. Recruiters pluck out the candidates with sharp customer support instincts and a confirmed potential to suppose for themselves, and then sends 30 to 40 potential hires to headquarters in Burlingame, ca, wherein they’re put through a sequence of group activities to test, say, how perceptive they’re and how they tackle problems.

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Whilst Benjamin eye, now manager of internal communications, interviewed, he and two different prospects had to write down, anonymously, something precise about themselves. Each player then had to bet which fact went with whom. (eye used to be an opera singer.) regularly virgin additionally places human beings into small agencies and asks them to address a hassle scenario, which includes how to manage  loud talkers in a film theater. “if anyone totally dominates the organization interview session, or doesn’t listen to others, that’s all part of the interview method,” says Frances Fiorillo, senior vice chairman for human beings and in-flight offerings.

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