State Farm Customer Service Number [Toll-Free] 800-782-8332

State Farm Customer Service Number [Toll-Free] 800-782-8332

State Farm is the most popular insurance and financial services companies in the United States. State Farm was launched in 1922 by George J. Mecherlein the United States. State Farm has started offering services Insurance; mutual funds; State Farm Bank.State Farm has 70,425 employees.  State Farm Headquarters is in Bloomington, Illinois, United States. we have mentioned the complete details of State Farm Customer Care number e-mail id phone numbers, toll-free number, address, and much helpful information. We are providing all the available methods to contact the State Farm Toll-free Helpline or Support Team.

State Farm Customer Service Number

State Farm Customer Service Number


24 Hours 7 Days of Week

15 Mint Wait

Contact a State Farm customer care executive on this telephone number. For more information regarding (company services), please utilize the phone numbers given below for each division.

 State Farm Customer Service Phone Numbers

Additional State Farm Customer Service Phone Numbers

How To Contact State Farm

  • Thank you for calling State Farm.
  • Claims: If your call is regarding an accident or claim, press 1.
  • Auto: For previously reported vehicle claim, press 1.
  • For vehicles declared a total loss by State Farm, press 1.
  • Auto property damage claims, 2.
  • Medical or injury claims, 3.
  • To repeat this menu, press 9.
  • To return to the previous menu, press * key.
  • Road side assistance: To request a tow or other emergency road service not related to an accident, 2.
  • Accident: To report a new claim for an accident or damage to your vehicle, 3.
  • Home: To report a new claim for homeowners or renters damage, 4.
  • For all other previously reported homeowners, renters, or other claims, 5.
  • For all other calls, press 0.
  • To repeat this menu, press 9.
  • Quotes: If you are new to State Farm and want a quote or information about purchasing insurance, 2.
  • Existing Customer: If you are currently a State Farm customer, 3.
  • Agent: To be connected to a person for assistance and locating a State Farm agent, press 0. (real person)
  • To repeat this menu, press 9.

State Farm Custom Service Contact Information

  • Live Chat
  • State Farm
    Bloomington, Illinois, U.S.

State Farm Services

  • Insurance
  • mutual funds
  • State Farm Bank


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